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Detection of taps, screening against tapping – screening of all spaces, apartments, offices and vehicles against bugs. Screening against bugs takes in physical checking of screened space, if somewhere there is not hidden any special miniature apparatus used for sound or picture transmission from screened space, furthermore needed measuring is being carried out with special apparatus which can catch signals transmitting by means of bugs, videobugs, GSM pagers or of other special technics transmitting information with radio way. The checking of  network power distribution and metallic lines is also carried out. Screening have various grades according to realised acts and accordingly the price is set, from a basic screening till the measuring of non-linear transition. Only for interest it is good to know that according to statistics, one bugging device approximately on each 500 m2 of screening area is founded.   The price of screening we communicate on your request.

Detection of hidden of candid camera – screening of all spaces, apartments, offices and various objects of purpose to detect a hidden installed hidden camera, for example the one having button lens of size above 1 mm which is monitoring in secrecy the space where is placed. Candid cameras are often camouflaged for example in walls, under plaster, in facilities, toys, illuminators, figures, floral decoration, furniture, electric apparatus etc. The checking is realised with special technics. The price of screening we communicate on your request.

If you want to contact us on the ground of any suspicion that you are tapped, consider carefully the place from this you e going to call us. We recommend a call-box for example. Definitely you not call from this place which you want to check it later.

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