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Searching of probative documents according to § 89 subsection 2 of law No. 141/1961 Digest, law of criminal procedure (amendment, force from 1.1.2002, new sentence)

“Every party can the evidence research, submit or propound its enforcement”

This service is determined above all lest the police has not been succeed in collection of all available probative documents or in case when it is expedient, owing to tactical or other reasons, to take out and submit such probative documents under own steam and means.

We have already been co-operating with some prestigious solicitor’s offices when we have  ensured successfully conclusive evidence documents that served with considerable way for impartial decision adjudication.

Expert and professional expertise

Furthermore we are able to secure expert and professional expertise in the field DNA, dactyloscopy, graphology, transport, economy, forensic medicine.


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