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Our detective office FALCO-HK responds to raised demand for screening of future or already present employees by launching of new service under name “SAFE FIRM”.

A customer can choice from several kinds of security screening. The scope of screening is dependent on working session and footing of an employee in the firm, as well as from the kind and margin of risk associated with exercise of his grade.



Confirmation of data verify stated in the list of questions, curriculum vitae or at the interview, above all the countersign of criminal background, the confirmation of last employment including references, education and practice in branch, the screening of stated place of residence.


Tracing of facts that can affect directly or indirectly run or name of the firm. Namely it concerns  the way of free time spending, in particular exclusion or confirmation of risk jointed with excessive drug or alcohol taking, playing of timbering or extra high financial amounts. The screening can be extended for detective activity centred on detection of criminal delinquencies beginning with pilferages on workplace till serious economic criminal activity.


The scope of screening extended for detection of constituency of friends and other contact persons, per them some information outflow from the firm or other damage of firm could be happened. This screening is jointed with use of documentary and operative technical means in the scope determined by a submitter.

Inside man

Very effective way of our worker laying on the firm. The worker is trained by our detective office and equipped with all needed technical means. After concrete setting this worker is employed in the firm on a function, where can monitor and document a possible criminal activity. As well he searches and states all risks on account of them necessary steps are subsequently made in order to prevent criminal or other undesirable activity.


Screening of a potential customer that can include whatever kind or combination screening used for employees, aspirants or managers. This screening is also based on the data verification which the customer has stated at primary negotiation. Above all the real property situation, all trading activities, references from present or former customers, relationships between commercial agents, partners and employees, payment morality, criminal background are checked namely. At the same time the analysis of connection firms or theirs commercial agents and partners on others companies.
Most of single acts directly link to data stated in a receiving questionary or in curriculum vitae. It is suitable, on the ground of possibility of falsification, some data and confirmation ( transcript of conduct-sheet, confirmation about clearing of debt, transcript of a certificate, etc.)  to obtain at the hand of our firm on the basis of warrant of attorney from the checked person.

It is up to the employer only this, if he will call a checked person attention to possibility of his checking or if he         choose the checking as a secret one. This appreciation is a matter of tactics and purpose for what the verification is being made.

These verifications are also performing under adequate intentions at potential or present trading partners and firms.

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